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The Jet Pilots Organization (JPO) was founded in 1989 to promote and advance jet modeling technology, and the safe recreation and general fellowship of this fast-growing segment of our hobby. We are the Special Interest Group (SIG) officially representing USA jet modelers to our national organization insurer, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). If you are a jet pilot, or you are aspiring to be one, you will very likely find that your interests, concerns, and goals are also the JPO’s!


The JPO is active in several areas important to you as a jet pilot, and this is especially important now that turbines are becoming the engine of choice. Why should I join the JPO? Because……….


  • As the AMA SIG, the JPO is the collective jet pilot’s pipeline to the AMA. We represent you!

  • The JPO is a body of experts and expertise. We wish to pass on that wealth of information and experience on to assure your jet flying is all the more successful, safe, and enjoyable. We look forward to meeting and assisting you at jet events, and you will receive our ‘Contrails’, an informative quarterly bulletin of jet happenings, technical articles, and event schedules.

  • The JPO is your advocate for fair and responsible rules concerning turbine operation. If you are not yet AMA turbine qualified, let us help you become familiar with the Waiver process. If you are already a Waiver holder, then the JPO needs the strength of your numbers to achieve strong representation at the national level-in which there is greater need today, than ever before.


Our main goals are promoting the safe expansion of jet modeling: to make the AMA-required Turbine Waiver more accessible and less burdensome; and to work ever harder in maintaining the turbine safety record as the prime requirement to remaining insurable and viable.

JPO  Mission Statement

A. Education

The JPO should strive to improve information and dissemination of information about jet modeling technology and activities to all members and prospective members.


B. Liaison to AMA

The JPO holds Special Interest Group status (SIG) with the AMA. The JPO should strive to produce policies that represent the best interests of the membership and those of safety concerns. The AMA wants active and strong special interest groups to help reduce their workload toward these ends by helping originate such policies. As a group, we have clout with the AMA, but, as individuals, we are of little value.


C. Promotion of Jet Model Aircraft

It is in the interest of all jet modelers that this segment of our hobby prospers and grows. With such growth comes:

1. More and better products to choose from.

2. Larger and more frequent jet events.

3. Greater public awareness of jet modeling.

4. Personal satisfaction in belonging to an advanced hi-tech endeavor

5. Draw more modelers into jets from others segments of our hobby. This can be accomplished by displaying and flying jets at non-jet events, such as demos at big-bird events, racing events, helicopter events, and even full-scale air-shows. We should take every opportunity to show what an exciting and educational hobby jet model aircraft can be.

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