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Bob Klenke

10339 Beech Ridge Circle

Glen Allen, VA 23059

(804) 901-2666


     I've been building and flying model aircraft since I was 6 or 7 years old. I started with control line and moved to early RC (anyone remember ACE Pulse rudder only?) before going to college. I became active in giant scale in the early 90's. Sometime in 1998, a buddy brought a JetCat P-120 (one of the first in the US) out to the field for a test run. One loud test run later, I was hooked.

     My son Louie, seen in the picture with his CARF Hawk, earned his turbine waiver when he was 11 years old - the youngest waiver holder at that time. The two of us can be found at quite a few jet flyins in the mid-Atlantic area. We hope to see you out there!

JPO Vice President
Vice President
Jim McEwen

126 New Britain Ave, Unit R2

Plainville CT 06062

(602) 790-1695


     Jim’s passion for model aviation began at age eight with the building of his first plane from balsa wood and tissue paper.  He progressed to control line planes powered by Cox .049 engines and, at age sixteen, he built his first R/C plane, a Piper Cub.

     After attending college, Jim returned to the hobby and concentrated on jet models powered by internal combustion ducted fans and transitioned to turbines.  An aerospace engineer by profession, Jim has focused on the technical aspects of model jets such as composite structures, system design, and telemetry.  He’s written articles for several publications around the world.  In addition to flying model jets, holds a private pilot license (powered and glider).

     Jim has competed in scale jet competition including the Top Gun Invitational in Florida, the ScaleMasters, and at the Jet World Masters.  Jim lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area for a number of years where the climate allows for year-round jet flying, but now he braves the winters in Connecticut.

Marty Gurewitz

40 Cragmere Oval

New City, NY 10956

(845) 638-0239


     Since grade school I’ve always had a fascination with aviation. Growing up I built a few Guillows tissue and dope covered models and tried my hand at control line as well. In my twenties I would pick up an RC Modeler magazine at a newsstand and wonder where I could fly these cool models but growing up in Brooklyn NY didn’t lend itself to wide open spaces and many model flying fields. Having moved north of NYC in the 90’s and finding a local flying club I built a Great Planes PT-40 trainer and I was hooked.


     Fast forward to 2003 and having moved to Virginia I saw some turbine powered jets flying one day at my local flying club. One of the jet pilots was none other than our current JPO President Bob Klenke. That got me going and I eventually purchased a BTE Reaction 54 kit and in 2006 it was finished and maidened by Bob. Twelve years later it’s still my weekend flier. I have a few other jets including a CARF Hawk and Ultra Flash. Although temporarily moving back to NY I still try and make the few events I was going to while residing in Virginia those being First in Flight and Kentucky Jets. Hope to see some of you there.

JPO Treasurer
Contrails Editor
Greg Moore

790 Royal Crown Lane
Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

(719) 576-3781 Evenings



AMA Liaison
Bob Klenke

10339 Beech Ridge Circle

Glen Allen, VA 23059

(804) 901-2666

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